Friday, April 30, 2010

Go Cubs Go!

So evidently, I am a Chicago Cubs fan. This comes as news to me, and judging by my Daddy's long suffering misery revolving around his sports teams, I plan to not get too concerned about the sports teams that I root for.

I have had quite a two week period since our last correspondence. My Nonnie and Grampy were here to take care of me each and every day after my Mommy started back at her work.
They were absolutely tremendous, they took wonderful care of me and Mommy and Daddy too! Can you believe that there is more than 1 course to a meal! Nonnie made all kinds of wonderful dinners for us all and Grampy taught me long division and calculus in our free time. Can't wait to show Mommy about the trig I learned too, remember Mommy A squared plus B squared equals C squared!

Lots of other things have happened since our last discussion too! Mommy and Daddy's friends Chris and Nikki came to visit me, they were very cool to hang with and brought me some wonderful presents, and they are going to babysit for Mommy and Daddy for a date night coming up! It was fun to get to meet them!

After getting to meet those cats, Mommy's friend Allison came down to Chicago from Milwaukee for an important work seminar that she was doing. It worked out really well for us because she got to stop bye to see Mommy and have some fun with me one night after her seminar. Then even better, her husband, my Daddy's friend Brian ,came down for the weekend and brought their two kids for me to play with, Benjamin and Stella. We had a great idea to go to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch on Saturday, and our Friends Charlie, Nick and Sandee Harned came too. We all hung out and had a fun lunch at the Rainforest cafe. What a day!

Then while Daddy was golfing one Sunday I got to meet Mommy and Daddy's friends Jen and Mike, we hung out and had a great time! Can you believe they came all the way from St Louis just to see me, well, maybe not just to see me:)

The absolute coolest thing that I have learned is how to make Mommy and Daddy laugh, smile and sometimes cry (sorry Mommy had to call you out on that one) by smiling at them, here are some of the photos I let them take of me :)

Alright my loyal subjects, until next time, your main man Drew is out!

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