Friday, April 2, 2010

My kind of town...

Chicago is MY kind of town!!!! What a day today was! Mommy and Daddy must already know how awesome I am because today after Daddy got done working they were brave enough to take me to do some sight seeing.
First they had to doll me up and take pictures of me before we even usual I played along to keep them happy :)
Next we had to go to Carter's to find the perfect hat to keep the sun off of my melon that is suddenly resembling my daddy's hairline...

We started by going to the Friendly Confines of Wrigley field, after our sit down with the new owners (The Rickett family) to give our input on who should start in left field, we toured the outside of the stadium to see what improvements were being done with all the money that the Rickett's have from the increased ticket prices.
Next Mommy and Daddy ate lunch at Vines on Clark, they didn't even offer me a bite, the nerve of these two....I tell ya! After their gluttony was over, we took a walk over to the lake. It was very warm today, but the windy city is no misnomer, the wind was blowing really hard. At least Mommy and Daddy had the common sense to skip the beach and just go to the lake front. Which was cool to look out at lake Michigan, I couldn't see the whole way across the lake to my "Aunt Becky and Uncle Steve's" house but I sure could see far~
After a really big wind gust that blew sand and dirt all up in the air, Mommy and Daddy thought that we should start to head back to the car, and on the way we went back past Wrigley Field. I am going to see a game there with my Mommy and Daddy this year.

After we got back to the house (5 hours later) I was really hungry, but before I ate, I got to talk to some of my friends in Ohio on the computer. Ethan and Ava Tallmadge called me on their webcam while they were parentsitting their Mommy and Daddy and some of their parents friends at a card game in Ohio. It was fun to talk to and see them on the computer, I can't wait to visit and hang out with them soon :) Well enough for now, it has been a busy day, and I am ready for a drink! Right Mommy? Lets eat : )

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