Monday, April 12, 2010


Greetings friends and family from the angel baby himself. Yes that is right I have once again taken time from my extremely busy schedule to update you on the progress of my Mommy and Daddy in their parenting skills.

To this day, Daddy was so convinced by Nonnie (Grandma M) that I was going to be a girl, that the guy still can't stop wearing pink, c'mon Daddy you have changed my diaper enough times and been hosed down to know that I am a boy, put some blue on for Pete's sake!

My Mommy continues to defy convention and looks so beautiful just weeks after having me, can you believe it? My Daddy is a lucky man :) We are still spending every day together and she proving to be the best Mommy a little boy could ever dream of!

Daddy and I on the other hand continue to lose our hair, people say that I keep getting cuter though, can't say that I argue, I love ya Dad, but chunky and balding only looks good on infants! Daddy and I continue to spend lots of quality time together like a cell phone plan.....only on nights and weekends, I kid because I love Daddy :)
I am shooting lots of smiles to Daddy and Mommy now and they seem to quite enjoy it, so I suppose I will continue until the novelty wears off......

I understand that they like to dress me up and take pictures of me, but at least do it while I am awake, no sense in acting like I put the "My Dad Rocks Shirt" on myself while I was sleeping!

Once again the cooking prowess of Mommy and Daddy presents itself! Holy smokes, who is going to eat all of those crabcakes!

And for dinner, check out the crab legs and beef tenderloin! I hope that they keep eating like this when I am able to get it directly as opposed to indirectly.

All I can say is"Benissimo" with my hand up like this...they love that too!

Well, all and all now, that is a lot of work, Eat, look cute, eat, look cute (even during a 3 outfit day with mass diaper changes) ......exhausting! Until next time...Peace I am out!


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