Friday, April 2, 2010

A first....

Welcome to the first blog of the rest of our lives, my name is Andrew William Oberholtzer, my parents insist on calling me Drew though. I say suit yourself, just don't call me Andy : )
I have had a pretty cool first 6 weeks of existance, my Mommy stays at home to hang out with me everyday, and my Daddy races home from work every night to see me. I spend my weekends mostly entertaining Mommy and Daddy's friends and impressing my family that travels from far away places to see me. It can be exhausting always being "cute" for everyone, but I can manage.
Today it is going to be 80 degrees, and when Daddy is done working, we are all going down to the beach : ) I just love the beach! What is the beach again? That is all for now, maybe tomorrow, we will have some cool pictures from the beach to share with you : )
Love you all


  1. yea!!! we love you too Drew Bean! and miss you bunches. <3 Aunt Nikki and Uncle E!

  2. Oh nice job on this Chad, Kelly and Drew :) Drew, you are such a peanut!!! I can't wait for you and Chloe to hang out :) Have fun at the beach and Happy Easter. ~~Wendi