Monday, May 10, 2010

Grammy & Grampops

Do you know what I learned this week that is the coolest thing ever? I have ANOTHER set of Grandparents!!!!! Can you believe it? Two sets of folks who oodle over me and spoil me rotten! This is the best thing since breast-pumps!

Grammy and Grampops took great care of me this week and they also showed me around Chicago.
They took me to Wrigley Field,

the Zoo...

Navy Pier...

their favorite Sushi Joint "Rise"

I love them sooo much, I had to give Grammy big smooches!

I took lots of naps with Grampops

They even gave me a bath :)

Mommy and Daddy Love Grammy, Grampops, Nonnie and Gramps very very much, and you know what? So do I :) Thank you all for taking such wonderful care of me these last 3 weeks, I will see you all at the Christening :)

All right gang, ttfn : )
Drew, esquire

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