Monday, May 10, 2010

Grammy & Grampops

Do you know what I learned this week that is the coolest thing ever? I have ANOTHER set of Grandparents!!!!! Can you believe it? Two sets of folks who oodle over me and spoil me rotten! This is the best thing since breast-pumps!

Grammy and Grampops took great care of me this week and they also showed me around Chicago.
They took me to Wrigley Field,

the Zoo...

Navy Pier...

their favorite Sushi Joint "Rise"

I love them sooo much, I had to give Grammy big smooches!

I took lots of naps with Grampops

They even gave me a bath :)

Mommy and Daddy Love Grammy, Grampops, Nonnie and Gramps very very much, and you know what? So do I :) Thank you all for taking such wonderful care of me these last 3 weeks, I will see you all at the Christening :)

All right gang, ttfn : )
Drew, esquire

Friday, April 30, 2010

Go Cubs Go!

So evidently, I am a Chicago Cubs fan. This comes as news to me, and judging by my Daddy's long suffering misery revolving around his sports teams, I plan to not get too concerned about the sports teams that I root for.

I have had quite a two week period since our last correspondence. My Nonnie and Grampy were here to take care of me each and every day after my Mommy started back at her work.
They were absolutely tremendous, they took wonderful care of me and Mommy and Daddy too! Can you believe that there is more than 1 course to a meal! Nonnie made all kinds of wonderful dinners for us all and Grampy taught me long division and calculus in our free time. Can't wait to show Mommy about the trig I learned too, remember Mommy A squared plus B squared equals C squared!

Lots of other things have happened since our last discussion too! Mommy and Daddy's friends Chris and Nikki came to visit me, they were very cool to hang with and brought me some wonderful presents, and they are going to babysit for Mommy and Daddy for a date night coming up! It was fun to get to meet them!

After getting to meet those cats, Mommy's friend Allison came down to Chicago from Milwaukee for an important work seminar that she was doing. It worked out really well for us because she got to stop bye to see Mommy and have some fun with me one night after her seminar. Then even better, her husband, my Daddy's friend Brian ,came down for the weekend and brought their two kids for me to play with, Benjamin and Stella. We had a great idea to go to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch on Saturday, and our Friends Charlie, Nick and Sandee Harned came too. We all hung out and had a fun lunch at the Rainforest cafe. What a day!

Then while Daddy was golfing one Sunday I got to meet Mommy and Daddy's friends Jen and Mike, we hung out and had a great time! Can you believe they came all the way from St Louis just to see me, well, maybe not just to see me:)

The absolute coolest thing that I have learned is how to make Mommy and Daddy laugh, smile and sometimes cry (sorry Mommy had to call you out on that one) by smiling at them, here are some of the photos I let them take of me :)

Alright my loyal subjects, until next time, your main man Drew is out!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Greetings friends and family from the angel baby himself. Yes that is right I have once again taken time from my extremely busy schedule to update you on the progress of my Mommy and Daddy in their parenting skills.

To this day, Daddy was so convinced by Nonnie (Grandma M) that I was going to be a girl, that the guy still can't stop wearing pink, c'mon Daddy you have changed my diaper enough times and been hosed down to know that I am a boy, put some blue on for Pete's sake!

My Mommy continues to defy convention and looks so beautiful just weeks after having me, can you believe it? My Daddy is a lucky man :) We are still spending every day together and she proving to be the best Mommy a little boy could ever dream of!

Daddy and I on the other hand continue to lose our hair, people say that I keep getting cuter though, can't say that I argue, I love ya Dad, but chunky and balding only looks good on infants! Daddy and I continue to spend lots of quality time together like a cell phone plan.....only on nights and weekends, I kid because I love Daddy :)
I am shooting lots of smiles to Daddy and Mommy now and they seem to quite enjoy it, so I suppose I will continue until the novelty wears off......

I understand that they like to dress me up and take pictures of me, but at least do it while I am awake, no sense in acting like I put the "My Dad Rocks Shirt" on myself while I was sleeping!

Once again the cooking prowess of Mommy and Daddy presents itself! Holy smokes, who is going to eat all of those crabcakes!

And for dinner, check out the crab legs and beef tenderloin! I hope that they keep eating like this when I am able to get it directly as opposed to indirectly.

All I can say is"Benissimo" with my hand up like this...they love that too!

Well, all and all now, that is a lot of work, Eat, look cute, eat, look cute (even during a 3 outfit day with mass diaper changes) ......exhausting! Until next time...Peace I am out!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday....A tale of two Parents

Happy Easter everyone! What a wonderful day to rejoice and celebrate the miracle of life :)

As usual. My day started pretty similar to any other day...Daddy came into my room at about 6 in the morning and changed my diaper, then passed me off to Mommy for some breakfast. Today, however, they didn't put me back to bed after my breakfast. Instead Mommy started dressing me up and posing me for pictures again today. After I saw the mysterious basket filled with candy in my room, I decided to play along....again. Mommy and Daddy did something weird though this morning, they dressed themselves up fancy too. Then guess what they did???? Took pictures of me, shocking right, I mean how much have I changed since last night?

Then Mommy and Daddy put me in my car seat (again) and drove me over to our Church (St. Alphonsus Catholic Church). Then they actually took pictures of me in the church and out front of the church to prove to my grandparents that we went to Mass on Easter....Can you believe it?

After Church we met up with my friend Erin Listi and her parents Frank and Peggy (whom we had a chance to have some fun with yesterday too :), then we went home and can you guess what Mommy and Daddy did got it, they set me up and posed me for more pictures, at least this time with the mysterious candy basket in the picture. I can't wait until I have teeth. It was amazing to see, it was as if all the candy in this "Easter Basket" that supposedly a phantom bunny delivered while I was sleeping last night, was exactly the type of candy that my parents like. What's next, in the winter telling me some dude is going to come down the chimney and give me all the presents that I want? I suppose I will play along with that as well....

Finally, after the pictures were over, Daddy got a chance to dress me for the first and possibly last time : ) Enjoy it while it lasts Daddy, I think Mommy is going to do the honors for a while now : ) I mean, what is up with the Zebra socks Dad? By the way, the bones on my shirt glow in the dark, I definitely must not be leaving the house again today if Mommy let this happen!

Anyways, I want to wish any and all of you reading this and my friends and family that aren't a wonderful Easter holiday. I love you all, and can't wait to see you all soon : )

Friday, April 2, 2010

My kind of town...

Chicago is MY kind of town!!!! What a day today was! Mommy and Daddy must already know how awesome I am because today after Daddy got done working they were brave enough to take me to do some sight seeing.
First they had to doll me up and take pictures of me before we even usual I played along to keep them happy :)
Next we had to go to Carter's to find the perfect hat to keep the sun off of my melon that is suddenly resembling my daddy's hairline...

We started by going to the Friendly Confines of Wrigley field, after our sit down with the new owners (The Rickett family) to give our input on who should start in left field, we toured the outside of the stadium to see what improvements were being done with all the money that the Rickett's have from the increased ticket prices.
Next Mommy and Daddy ate lunch at Vines on Clark, they didn't even offer me a bite, the nerve of these two....I tell ya! After their gluttony was over, we took a walk over to the lake. It was very warm today, but the windy city is no misnomer, the wind was blowing really hard. At least Mommy and Daddy had the common sense to skip the beach and just go to the lake front. Which was cool to look out at lake Michigan, I couldn't see the whole way across the lake to my "Aunt Becky and Uncle Steve's" house but I sure could see far~
After a really big wind gust that blew sand and dirt all up in the air, Mommy and Daddy thought that we should start to head back to the car, and on the way we went back past Wrigley Field. I am going to see a game there with my Mommy and Daddy this year.

After we got back to the house (5 hours later) I was really hungry, but before I ate, I got to talk to some of my friends in Ohio on the computer. Ethan and Ava Tallmadge called me on their webcam while they were parentsitting their Mommy and Daddy and some of their parents friends at a card game in Ohio. It was fun to talk to and see them on the computer, I can't wait to visit and hang out with them soon :) Well enough for now, it has been a busy day, and I am ready for a drink! Right Mommy? Lets eat : )

A first....

Welcome to the first blog of the rest of our lives, my name is Andrew William Oberholtzer, my parents insist on calling me Drew though. I say suit yourself, just don't call me Andy : )
I have had a pretty cool first 6 weeks of existance, my Mommy stays at home to hang out with me everyday, and my Daddy races home from work every night to see me. I spend my weekends mostly entertaining Mommy and Daddy's friends and impressing my family that travels from far away places to see me. It can be exhausting always being "cute" for everyone, but I can manage.
Today it is going to be 80 degrees, and when Daddy is done working, we are all going down to the beach : ) I just love the beach! What is the beach again? That is all for now, maybe tomorrow, we will have some cool pictures from the beach to share with you : )
Love you all